The D.C. Dormitory

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Here's a totally wild idea. Let's build a dormitory in D.C. It will be a building that houses all 535 members of Congress and they will be required to live there while in Washington. We can have a cafeteria and a meal plan.

What's wrong with this idea? I have hard time seeing the downsides. It will have a small cost associated with (small compared to the budget of the federal government) but otherwise this seems like a rather serious demonstration of the commitment of your elected officials. If they are really there to serve, modest government housing feels like a way to keep them (us!) focused on the job.

Also, living in a dorm means socializing with other members of Congress. Which is exactly what we want: people from all backgrounds across the country spending time together on behalf of their constituencies! And if we have a good security system on the front doors, we can keep out the lobbyists and other riff-raff.

Our military service members—who arguably have the most essential job in protecting our republic—often live in barracks or on-base house. Congress should do the same.

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